Near perfect balance.
Power and control for a smoother ride.
Precision. Balance. Power

Feel more in control on your journeys. With the All-New e-4ORCE all-wheel drive technology, you are more able to conquer adverse conditions with grace.

How does e-4ORCE work?
Dual-motor power

With two electric motors — one at either end of the car — weight distribution is near perfect, helping to further stabilise the vehicle body. Both motors support regenerative braking, working in sync for an even smoother ride.

Four wheels work independently

e-4ORCE all-wheel drive controls torque and braking for each wheel individually, prioritising those with the most grip to assure uphill ascents and reduces the effects of over- and under-steer.

Adapts to all conditions

The e-4ORCE system reacts up to 10,000 times per second, constantly adapting to changing conditions and tricky terrain to help bring you confidence behind the wheel.

Where does e-4ORCE make a difference?
On mountain roads

Climb with confidence, with Intelligent Torque Control, you turn the wheel with minimum effort, pivoting smoothly as your car remains glued to the tarmac.

Adaptable to your conditions

The weather changes unexpectedly, but you keep your cool. With e-4ORCE’s responsive control, you can adapt to all driving conditions, with both snow and off-road⁽¹⁾ modes at the ready.

For your everyday drive

As you circle a roundabout, you notice how you don't feel thrown to the outer edges. You flow through traffic on the motorway, accelerating with ease. Pressing the brakes, even weight distribution brings you to a stop in one smooth motion.

e-4ORCE across our range
All-New Nissan X-Trail
The electrified 5-7 seater, fit for family adventures

The comforting crunch of sticks and leaves beneath your wheels sounds the start of a new family adventure, and with 5–7 seats in the Nissan X-Trail, it's one even the biggest families can enjoy.

New Nissan Ariya
100% electric with e-4ORCE all-wheel drive

Between the seamless design, the silent motor, and the smooth driving experience, you begin to realise that the most subtle details about the Nissan ARIYA are those that speak volumes.