Advanced engine technology that delivers high efficiency
with no change to the way you drive.
Mild Hybrid POWER, optimising efficiency

Mild hybrids use a petrol engine to POWER the wheels with a lithium battery providing support. Stop-start technology increases efficiency by shutting the engine off when the car is coasting, or when lifting the foot off the pedal at speeds under 18 km/h on automatic transmission, reducing emissions and running costs.

How does it all work?
Charges while driving

The Mild Hybrid POWER offers an all-round improvement in efficiency thanks to the smart regeneration system. While the car is in motion and slowing down, kinetic energy is captured and used to recharge the battery.

Lets the engine take a break

With regenerative braking, energy that might normally wear down the brake pads is put to good use. While idle or coasting, the battery takes over, powering the car's electrical equipment so the engine can shut off more often, improving your fuel efficiency.

Makes acceleration easier

The energy stored in the battery provides an extra boost during acceleration, creating a more responsive experience and further lightening the load on the engine.

The not-so-Mild Hybrid POWER
The benefits of owning a Mild hybrid
No change to your daily routine

It’s not entirely true that a mild hybrid makes no difference to the way you drive. It’s more responsive, more efficient, and more comfortable in city traffic. But you don’t need to worry about range or charging. Just fill-up and continue as normal.

Economical to run

Mild hybrids gain efficiency by using kinetic energy generated while driving and braking to charge the battery. With the extra electric boost during acceleration, and Start-Stop technology to shut off the engine when the car is coasting or when lifting the foot off the pedal at speeds under 18 km/h on automatic transmission, you're sure to see savings at the pump.

High efficiency, lower emissions

The assistance from the battery means the engine doesn’t work as hard to provide effortless acceleration and uphill driving. The engine also switches off when not in use, which adds up to a more relaxing drive, reduced fuel use and reduced emissions.

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